Hypnosis will breakthrough your  emotional triggers & transform your mind, body and life

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  • Dive deep into all your frustrations and what you are experiencing

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From constant self-sabotage to
complete freedom to be you

It’s not just about weight loss and food habits for you anymore, your weight and sense of self is really impacting your quality of life.

You’ve tried everything possible, and you still can’t find the answers.

You’ve gone as far as you can by yourself, you’ve pushed as hard as you can, but the emotional baggage keeps catching up with you.

It’s exhausting to keep failing and you can’t and won’t fail again.

Now, imagine never having to struggle through your day feeling overwhelmed just to maintain your health.

To wake up feeling fresh, ready for the day, choosing outfits is easy, everything fits and looks great, you feel confident to embrace the day, socialise with friends, venture out and try new things, feel fulfilled and proud of your work.

You have the confidence to say no when you want to, to stay in when you’d rather, and you’re happy with who you are, enjoying your space and freedom to just BE.


Awaecnan You

A personal and transformational coaching experience, that holds your hand through the weight loss and healing journey so you can break through the emotional triggers that have kept you stuck once and for all.

A Brand New Approach to Weight Loss

Let’s get it right from the start. And tackle this the right way. So that success is your only outcome.

You’re not alone now, I’ve got you.

Now, let me show you what it’s like working with me.

Most clients say I’m their last resort, they’ve seen counsellors, psychologists, therapist, naturopaths, and even other hypnotherapists. The difference is I work on the WHY you’re triggered and what causes it, not what happens after you’re triggered.

This is my ONE focus, my specialty, over 10 years and 10,000 hours of every client wanting what you want: health, happiness, self-love, confidence and natural beautiful size and shape that you love.

Maybe your little voice is saying “it won’t work for me, nothing does” or “I won’t stick to it, I never have” or “I will just waste more money.”

I don’t blame you; I’ve felt the same but all roads have to lead you here for a reason. Just like Edison’s 1200 step success journey, these are just all the steps it took to make your light bulb.

Now ask yourself this…

What if it does work this time?

Imagine that for a moment. Take one more final step.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Testimonials

I Lost 20 Kilos

I lost 20 kilos and went from immobile and stuck to a sudden urge to exercise on the beach and then onto completing a tough mudder! (pictured)

I never thought that I could have such a massive change in my life, it took a few weeks to see the mind shift but when it happened I never looked back. I'm so happy.


My Journey has been epic

“My journey has been epic! I have gone from 116kg to 85kg and in clothing that I haven’t looked at since I was a teenager!” Jodi has been supportive and instrumental in this life-changing experience!

I have discovered that food was my shield/Armor and escape: any emotional response resulted in eating! I was morbidly obese, in excruciating pain and very unhappy, thank you for helping me find myself and my life again!


From Size 20 to 14

I have lost 17-18kgs and gone from a size 20 to a 14-16.

I’m more aware of what I’m eating, portions. I don’t beat myself up for eating something not so healthy and full of calories however I do make sure l enjoy it!

I have tried new recipes with ingredients I would have never tried before.

I’m more mindful and like the way I look in my clothes.


I will shout my praise from the rooftops.

I love your program. Weight Loss » 7kg

Awesome – they fit again! 7kgs down, back in my “skinny” jeans, minus the muffin top. Love this program, I listen to a session every single night. I don’t know how I will get to sleep every night without the hypnotherapy lol I am so used to it now, can’t sleep without it.


About Me

Hi I’m Jodi.

And I understand where you’re at right now because I’ve struggled too.

Stress was just who I was, I always overworking, putting everything and everyone before me, over-committing myself, everything was go go go.

I had a couple of emotional traumatising events one after another and boom, extreme fatigue took over, and I went from a massive full-on life to no life. I could barely work or get off the couch let alone feed myself healthy food.

As a result, I gained 45 kilos, everything ached and hurt and I could barely move my body, I had no motivation or willpower, and zero energy.

It wasn’t until I stopped fighting with the problem and switched my focus to the cause that everything changed.

Through my therapy training and these personal experiences, I’ve learnt everything it takes to be actually happy and I’ve never felt so free.

My mission now is to share everything I learned because I want other women to feel as free as I do, and give them a safe place that’s just for them to learn, grow and explore and get the expert help from someone who really gets it.

1 Focus


100+ Hours