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Primarily, hypnosis allows for a guided relaxation, increased focus and a more focused attention so that a certain state of consciousness is accessed when your mind is in a trance.

As the attention is more focused in this state, all external stimuli are blocked our and specific thoughts and beliefs are suggested to the less critical mind.

Overcoming habits from the root of the mind will then be more effective if done through hypnotherapy.

More specifically, our methods do the following:

Reshape Pre-Conceived Assumptions

Primarily, hypnosis targets our preconceived notions, assumptions and attitudes towards different things that drive beliefs and automatic thought processes during a hypnotic state—when the mind is at its most susceptible to suggestions.

Reframe Beliefs

Our beliefs are preconditioned by a mix of memories and experiences throughout life. As hypnosis reshapes your preconceived assumptions, your beliefs and automatic thought processes are also reframed. As a result, your conscious mind will then automatically respond to your environment differently.

Rewire Automatic Patterns Permanently

As hypnosis will make these changes from the unconscious, these will then take effect permanently on automatic behaviours.

With the compassion to help and the intention to make people’s lives better, Awaecnan has been born.

We want to shift the perspective on making progress towards healthier growth and enhance lives exponentially simply through innovative, scientific actionable tools and tips. Coming from experiences of struggle ourselves, we want to help steer the wheel of other people who feels stuck in endless loops of problems arising from unhealthy habits, emotional problems and unresolved issues towards a more colourful, lush life. Placing the focus on the mind, we want to make the process of change a lot easier by our knowledge of human mind and behaviour. We want to help break boundaries that hold people back from achieving their goals or maximising their potential.

We want people to love life and be the best version of themselves. We do this by emphasising focus on the min