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Hi, There!

I’m Jodi.

Qualified Hypnotherapist, Weight Loss specialist and health coach. My mission is to help women love and accept their mind, body and spirit as you are today, not the future you, who you are right now. 

If there is anything in this world I would want you to understand is that weight and our relationship with food is NEVER about the food. The right diet or exercise program will NEVER work if your mindset is not right and that’s exactly what I’m going to help you with so you can feel happy, healthy and energised. 



What to expect…


Do weight loss programs seems to work for everyone else but you?

We are all different, including our brains. In particular, how our brain learns and goes about tasks. Therefore, trying replicate someone else success journey, patterns, habits and behaviours is like trying to use their finger prints or DNA, it isn’t possible and will always feel like a struggle. 

In this challenge, you’ll discover how your mind works, (your brain learning style) and how you can use your style to tailor lifestyle changes that suit YOUR mind, YOUR habits, patterns and behaviours. Therefore change suddenly becomes easy and enjoyable, motivating and effortless.


Do you struggle to stick to a plan or does life always seem to get in the way?

Life is always going to get in the way. You are always going to have parties, events, stress, long days, feel tired and be too busy. The most detailed well thought out plan will always fail the everyday life, no one has that will power.

But how do others do it, how do other people make it stick?

In this challenge you will learn how to create a clear vision of the mind, life and body you want, how to lock it into your mind in a way that you will start living your best life on auto-pilot, without effort, and no energy or motivation needed.


How many programs, challenges, plans have you done and never looked at them again or given up before the end?

We start with the best intentions, full of energy and a deep desire to change but taking action is time-consuming, takes a LOT of effort, thought, steps and too much change at once.

It all becomes too much and our brain switches to overload and reverts back to everyday life.

In this challenge, you will identify all the things that you want to change and create a one-page simple action plan, that takes you step by step towards your dream life every week, how to keep yourself accountable and what to do if you go off track. Because you know that will happen so we’ve got that covered too. 

Learn how to get control over your mind and bridge the gap between now and your dream life.

“Your weight and relationship with food is NOT about food.”

Jodi Clarke

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