Membership Site Upgrades


We are currently undergoing some exciting changes to the membership site that is going to give you even more value, extra content, easier to use platform that you will love using and tools to help you a make lasting change fun and easy.

She will have a completely new facelift and some programs are getting a complete upgrade.

Site Changes

The changes will be delivered in staggered stages to minimise the impact on you and to keep my sanity intact. But also giving you something new without all the waiting.

It will be just like getting a regular Christmas present!

STAGE ONE – The Membership site upgrade/facelift 

Stage one plans are to completely revamp the membership platform including:

  • Faster and Easier access after purchase, so you can get started immediately
  • Your personal Account page, so you can
    • find all your purchases in one place, and
    • instantly see what program you’re working on
    • see all your badges & points (future release)
  • Updated and simple page navigation, so you can get around the site easily
  • Upgraded Program pages,
    • added program navigation
    • clearly see and click through your available modules
    • mark completion buttons so you know what you’ve completed
    • Progress bar so you can track your progress
    • added options of fun quizzes, homework submission & notes section (future release)
    • earn bonus points to spend in-store (future release)
    • earn badges (future release)

 We will need to close the site for maintenance for a day when we transition over but I will give you plenty of notice. 

STAGE TWO – Never Diet Again Plus Program upgrade

Stage Two plans are for a complete revamp of the Never Diet Again Plus program (formally never diet again plus maintenance program) and we’ve added hundreds of dollars worth of value for free! with Kick start and Emotional Release Foundation now full and complete programs valued over $230 and $450 respectively if you purchased them separately.

Important** If you are a Never Diet Again Plus member or have purchased maintenance you will automatically receive the new content. Those who have only purchased the Never Diet Again 12-week program (no maintenance), will need to upgrade their membership to plus for a small fee if they want to receive all the new plus program content, you will receive a separate email on how to upgrade, including costs before it all goes live.

 The upgrades include:

  • New weekly accountability coaching modules designed to keep you on track, feeling in command and bring greater awareness on your journey
  • Bonus kick start program: this module is now a chunked up program of its own, you will be able to use this program for ANY new change you would like to make and includes;
    • 8 new videos,
    • upgraded workbooks with updated and new content
    • bonus content including;
      • creature your future modules
      • action plan modules
      • so much more
  • Complete Update of the Emotional release foundation (ERF)program. this program has the biggest impact on customers and its about to get even bigger!
  • The updated ERF content is design to
    • stop self-sabotage,
    • resolve food behaviour triggers,
    • heal the underlying cause of your weight, habits, behaviours and relationship with food and yourself
    • understand WHY you do what you do
    • build your toolbox of self-support, awareness and knowledge
    • so you can get on with loving life every day, feel happy healthy and energised.
    • The (ERF) upgrade includes
      • all New, revised and updated content
      • 8 + new videos
      • extra fun projects

You will be a new person after this newly revamped ERF program!


  • Virtual gastric band refresh: this program is pretty solid but we’ve not stopped with the updates here either. We’ve added new content and videos to make your journey, easier and fun.
    • updated videos
    • updated workbooks with extra fresh content
  • Step it up weight loss again is very solid but we have made some great upgrades for you;
    • content refresh in the workbooks
    • updated videos
  • Maintenance Module refresh: this part of the program continues to offer great support throughout the seasons but she is getting a little face lift too
    • New refreshed videos
    • all new refreshed workbooks

STAGE THREE – Forums, points, badges, bonus content 

Stage three will involve making the site more fun and interactive whereby you get prizes just for completing your modules and programs like:  

  • earn points that you can spend in the shop.
  • Earn badges and certificates
  • Get special access to bonus content just  

We will also be bringing back the forums, so you can have a truly private place to interact with like-minded people, and a chance to really be a part of something special.

Now that I have written it all down I don’t know how the hell I thought I could do all this on my own!

Now you know whats is coming and has been taking up all my time!

I want to get back to focusing on you and really needed to space this project out so I don’t miss out on what I really love doing and that’s helping you.

I will keep you posted on where we are at and each stage launch date through the general email mailouts.

Keep in mind that we will be shutting the site for maintenance on and off during this time but I will give you fair warning.

STAGE FOUR- Remaining program updates.

 Stage Four will involve updating the remaining programs in the membership site like Quit smoking, Virtual Gastric Band Deluxe program, etc including:

  • New videos
  • updated workbooks
  • refreshed content 

Have a question or a upgrade suggestion, write to us…

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