Weight Loss Hypnosis: Stop Overeating

Dec 9 – 1:19:11 minute Session

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In this session, first, we travel into a deep relaxing rejuvenating place, where you can experience some well deserved me time and self-care.

Then we release from the unconscious all your fears, worries and cares that may be causing you discomfort and anxiety in your life before moving onto a deep awareness of your inner healthy eater.

Connecting with that part of you that loves healthy food and is passionate about loving and nurturing your mind and body. before finishing with raising your awareness and deep connection with your feelings of fullness to stop you from overeating while helping you feel full and satisfied.

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Jodi Clarke

Jodi Clarke

CEO & Founder | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Weight Loss Specialist | Health Coach

Leading the charge is Jodi Clarke, the CEO and Founder of Awaecnan who is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Having studied at The Academy of Hypnotic Science, an Australian government accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training academy, Jodi’s hypnotherapy skills are both effective and award-winning as she supports clients to achieve positive changes in their everyday lives.

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