Can Hypnosis Help Me Stick To A Diet

July 12, 2019. 5-MINUTE READ


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OH MY Goodness have I got a doozy for you!  Sticking to a diet is the number one biggest problem my weight loss clients see me for. It’s a big frustration for all of us. Diets are the worst! But what if I tell you that it CAN be easy, you CAN have automatic healthy behavior and you CAN resolve your weight issues and NEVER diet again.

Can Hypnosis Help Me Stick To A Diet?

Hell Yes, hypnosis can help you stick to a diet! But it can do much more than that.  Hypnosis can help you completely change your lifestyle and attitude. It can help you stick to the gym, eat healthier, be happier, help you with acceptance, help to let go what’s holding you back.  It’s crazy how powerful it is and even crazier that it’s not a part EVERYONE’s daily routine.  Hypnosis makes changing seems so easy it feels like your cheating, shhh I won’t tell anyone. Let me show you how!

What Really Is Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis occurs when you become relaxed enough to slow down your brain waves to a level where all the noise of the world slips away and the part of your mind that stores your habits, behaviors, and responses is open to suggestion. Hypnotherapy is using this state to help change unwanted habits, behaviors, and responses.

Brainwaves are the core of all our emotions and thoughts and it’s how our brain and neurons communicate.  Basically, your brains waves are slower when you are more relaxed and higher when you are alert and active.

Brain waves are measured in cycles per second a Hertz (Hz) and frequency as in sound frequency, the lower the cycle and frequency the slower and lower or deeper the sound. When you relax and go into hypnosis your brain activity slows down and gets deeper.

There are 5 main Brainwave Frequencies, there are others but for this purpose, we will cover just the main 5;

  1. Delta .5 to 3 Hz – deepest meditation and dreamless state. Delta holds external awareness and is the source of empathy. Your mind and body also regenerates in this state its where good sleep is helpful and healing
  2. Theta 3 to 8 Hz – Theta happens most during sleep, it’s our dreams, our vivid imagery, our unconscious, it’s the state between wake and sleep, its where we access our memories, learning, instincts, and intuition. Its where the outside world fades and your focus is within.
  3. Alpha 8 to 12hz – Alpha is being present, at the moment, focused, it’s the resting state for the brain and helps you be calm, alert, learn and process
  4. Beta 12 to 38hz – Beta is our waking state, conscious, engaged, thinking, cognitive tasks and active
  5. Gamma 38 to 42hz – Gamma is fast and a frequency it passes information around the brain fast, it requires the mind to be very quiet so as to access gamma. This is spiritual and expanded consciousness realm.

Did you tune out on all the geek talk? Stick with me…

Why not try Hypnotherapy and see if it helps you. Cancel any time no questions asked

How Hypnosis Helps You Stick To A Diet

Now you know the brainwaves you know that Theta is where it is at, the main man, the big kahuna of brain waves if you want to change those pesky habits and behaviors. To get to the state you either have to be asleep, meditate or use hypnotherapy.  If you want to make changes in this state then Hypnotherapy is your new BFF.  You can also just use Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) but that’s a whole another post.  I use both Hypnosis and NLP because they both rock together.

When you get into Theta through Hypnosis and use Hypnotherapy techniques to make positive suggestions, access previous habits, and learnings, for example how you learned how to eat unhealthily and teach this part of the brain right there and then a different way to respond then whamo you have instant change.  Boom!  All while you are relaxed, in a chair, with a blanky and a pillow. Ummm No brainer!

You can change just about anything you want to in this state, that’s the magic word, ‘want’.  Hypnosis can get you into the state and hypnotherapy can help you change but if you really didn’t want to you wouldn’t.

Why Wouldn’t I Want To Change

There can be several reasons but the following are the most common;

  1. Secondary Gain
  2. Protection

About Secondary Gain

In your mind or your unconscious mind staying the way you are may be better for you.  For example client A.  She has had terrible relationships all her life, now she is single.  In her mind, she believed that no one would want her if she was overweight therefore she couldn’t get into a relationship and be hurt again. Her gain is safety but is also her protection (see protection below)

Client B is Obese, she can really do much, her knees hurt, her back hurts and she had diabetes.  The family do most of the household work and help her a lot. Unconsciously she gains attention and helps If she loses weight she loses this love and attention.

About Protection

This sometimes is the challenging one and may cause self-sabotage. Your mind wants to protect you, its always looking out for you and keeping you safe.  If your mind believes that losing weight will harm you then it will stop at nothing to keep you overweight. There are many reasons our minds go here, trauma or perceived trauma are the main reasons, weight becomes this protective barrier around us that keeps us safe and out of harm’s way.

What Weight Loss Hypnosis It’s Not

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is not a diet. It’s not a magic pill that melts fat away. It’s not magic and it’s not a religion.  It’s natural and it’s based on science. A Hypnotic state is a daily natural occurring phenomenon and hypnotherapy are tools that have been used for centuries!

Other Things You Might Want To Know

Can I Hypnotize Myself To Lose Weight

Yes, you can hypnotize yourself to lose weight.  Just like meditation, you can learn to hypnotize yourself, set an intention for the hypnosis or record yourself and play the recording once you get yourself into the right state. It will take some practice but it can be done.

What’s The Best Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio

The Best Weight Loss Audio is the one you will listen too, but if you want to know what to look for to get the best, your Hypnosis audio will have several things. A very rich tapestry of metaphors, therapies, suggestion and also the most important one… be able to induce Hypnosis!  If you don’t go into theta state or at least Alpha then it doesn’t matter what fancy therapies are included.  Also, look out for the tone and pace of the hypnotherapist’s voice, it should never be at a normal conversational level.

Is There Such A Thing As Diet Hypnotherapy

You can use hypnotherapy for almost anything that requires a change in habits, behaviors, and beliefs. Yes, you can definitely can use hypnotherapy for a specific diet.  For example, you are competing in a bodybuilding competition and you had a special diet that includes broccoli and fish for lunch every day.  You could be hypnotized to love this lunch and look forward it so much instead of dreading it. Any diet you can think of, if you wanted it to work and it wasn’t harmful to your health then yes, there is such a thing as Diet Hypnotherapy.

Is Hypnosis Good For Weight Loss

Yes, hypnosis can be very good for weight loss.  Because hypnosis works with your mind, your habits, behaviors and beliefs and because it helps shape your unhealthy relationship with food hypnotherapy can help you make long-lasting change, it can help you mind motivation to stay with it and make lifestyle changes that stick with you for life.

Jodi Clarke

Jodi Clarke

CEO & Founder | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Weight Loss Specialist

Leading the charge is Jodi Clarke, the CEO and Founder of Awaecnan, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in weight loss hypnotherapy in South East Melbourne and the peninsula. Having studied at The Academy of Hypnotic Science, an Australian government-accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training academy, Jodi’s hypnotherapy skills are both effective and award-winning as she supports clients to achieve positive changes in their everyday lives.

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