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Awaecnan (Awake-nan)

14th Century Old English. Meaning to arise, wake up, to be aware.

Jodi Clarke Weight Loss Specialist

Jodi Clarke

CEO & Founder

Jodi, our compassionate Founder and CEO, is driven by a singular mission – to empower you through personal transformation.With unwavering empathy and care, she leads our dedicated team in assisting you to heal the underlying reasons guiding your actions. Jodi’s commitment sets the gold standard for excellence, ensuring you receive the highest level of support and guidance, nurturing your growth and lasting change


Jo Mathers Weight loss Specialist

Jo Mathers

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Embark on a transformative journey of emotional healing and weight loss, led by Jo Mathers’ authentic expertise. With a deep grasp of trauma-skilled clinical hypnotherapy, she addresses anxiety, grief, autoimmune conditions, resilience, and more, making her a true asset in your weight loss journey. With her supportive guidance and unwavering commitment to your personal growth, Jo becomes your trusted companion in rejuvenating your emotional well-being and striving towards your weight loss goals.
Christine Stewart Registered Nutritionist. Gut Health Specialist & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Christine Stewart

Clincial Hypnotherapist

A holistic well-being partner who goes beyond clinical expertise. With her foundation in Clinical Hypnotherapy, nutrition, and gut health, she brings a comprehensive approach to your transformation. Her belief that transformation encompasses both mind and body drives her approach, utilising hypnotherapy to address emotional triggers and nutrition strategies for overall health. With Christine, you delve deep into root causes, ensuring a thorough path to lasting transformation. 

Mylin So - Customer Care Manager

Mylin So

Customer Care Manager

Your Partner for All Your Essentials Say hello to Mylin So, your dependable customer care companion who takes pride in addressing your diverse needs outside of therapy. With a heart full of dedication, Mylin ensures that every requirement is met with meticulous care. From addressing your enquiries to managing the finer details, Mylin’s unwavering commitment shines through in every facet of your experience. You can rely on Mylin to be your trustworthy collaborator, supporting you at every need of your journey beyond the therapy room.

Let’s create an action
plan together!

In this session, we cover what you are experiencing around food, your goals, desires, struggles and frustrations then your dreams. From there we will map out and plan your weight loss dream life journey.

You will get actional tools and tips that you can implement right now and identify how and if we are a fit to work together inside one of our weight loss programs.
(Valued at $350 AUD)

More from Jodi…

I’ve always had a curious fascination with the mind and human behaviour for as long as I can remember.

So, when I first started at the hypnotherapy academy, I knew I’d found my calling! And I wanted to know everything!

I started my therapist life out as a generalist, everyone said to specialise in one thing, but I wanted to learn it ALL. Clients ranged from depression, anxiety, fears phobias, smoking, relationship, weight loss and more. But it was the weight loss clients that were the most curious to me. And it left me with more questions than answers..


Why was weight loss such an issue for so many people?

Why were there mixed results?
Why did some succeed and others fail?
Why is it many of us can’t stick to healthy eating?
We know what’s good for us why don’t we do it?
What is motivation and why can’t we keep it going?

I was determined to get answers and consistent results for my clients so I got to work and jumped down the rabbit hole learning everything I could, speaking experts, attending courses, reading books.

I finally found the answer…

Then one day in the clinic as clients came in and out for difference reasons, I noticed something that I hadn’t before.


An anxiety client said almost the same thing as the smoking client, huh.. interesting.. then my weight loss client came in and said almost the same thing.

At first, I thought I was confusing my clients. At that time in my business I would see clients back to back all day all week.

But I wasn’t. I dug in further with the weight loss client and BINGO, light bulb moment. I finally found the secret. I noticed that ALL clients had patterns in their behaviour and an underlying reason why they do what they do. The problems were different, drinking, smoking, food, anxiety but the key was an underlying emotional river and a strong current pulling them along out of control.


All this time we’ve all been working on the wrong thing! Which was why nothing was working long term.

There’s no need for willpower or
motivation when it’s just who you are now.

The best diet, the right routine or exercise program will never work if your mind is not right.

When we changed the therapy to focus on the client unique emotional current, ‘why’ we started seeing consistent lasting results.

The Backbone to Lasting Results

And from there over 12 years I have developed to what I now know are the backbone for lasting results: Our 5 Step Methodology

A woman in a denim jacket and hat, standing confidently. The image includes a circular flow chart with five sections, each highlighting different aspects of personal growth for weight loss: Purpose, Inter-Connection, Emotional Wellness, Empowerment, and Physical Well-being.

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Jo Mathers Weight loss Specialist

More about Jo…

B.A Health Sciences. Nursing, Post Grad Dip. Emergency Nursing, Adv Dip. Paramedical Sciences, Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, De-Trauma Technique ™, Resource Therapist, Adv Dip. Australian Bush Flower Essences, Reiki Practitioner, Health & Wellbeing Coach

Meet Jo Mathers, a therapist whose compassion shines as a guiding light on your healing journey. With a solid foundation in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a deep knowledge of Health Sciences and Pharmamedical Sciences, Jo possesses a profound understanding of both the intricate world of emotions and the physical impact of life experiences.

Jo’s mission is to provide you with a safe haven for sharing and healing, especially if you are facing the shadows of trauma, childhood wounds, anxiety, or depression. She tailors her guidance to your unique needs, drawing from a diverse range of therapeutic approaches to ensure that every step of your journey is personalized and transformative.

With her warm and empathetic approach, Jo creates a secure space for you to explore your thoughts and emotions, gently guiding you to rediscover your inner reservoir of strength. Her commitment to your well-being goes beyond her impressive qualifications; it reflects her unwavering dedication to being your steadfast companion on the path to a life filled with profound healing and lasting happiness. Join Jo on this transformative journey towards a brighter and healthier future.


Would you like to work with Jo, BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL to find out how  

Christine Stewart Registered Nutritionist. Gut Health Specialist & Clinical Hypnotherapist

More about Christine…

Clinical Hypnosis, Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Applied Psychotherapy (HTCA) Registered Nutritionist, Microbiome Coach, Gut-directed hypnotherapy, GoAH, AHA, HCANR

Christine is not just any health practitioner; she’s a compassionate guide who deeply understands the intricate balance required for true health, both inside and out. With her unique combination of skills in gut health, nutrition, and clinical hypnotherapy, Christine embodies our five-step methodology, bringing a comprehensive approach to wellness that transcends conventional treatments.

Her dedication to understanding the root causes of health issues aligns perfectly with our belief in addressing the core rather than just the symptoms. Christine knows that real health involves a harmonious balance between the physical and emotional, and she’s here to guide you every step of the way with empathy, knowledge, and care.

Christine’s approach is built on a deep understanding of how interconnected our well-being is with our gut health, diet, and mental state. She applies this holistic perspective to help you redefine your relationship with food, your body, and your overall health, ensuring lasting changes that go beyond the surface.

She uses our tailored methodology to empower you, focusing on purpose, inner connection, emotional wellness, empowerment, and physical well-being. Christine’s deep understanding of health shines through in her ability to create personalised plans that reflect your unique needs and goals.

Christine is committed to making you feel heard, understood, and supported throughout your path to wellness.

Would you like to work with Christine, BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL to find out how. 


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