Can Hypnosis Make Me Work Out - Will It Get Me Off The Couch

July 10, 2019. 7-MINUTE READ


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A few months ago, I wouldn’t even get up and grab my phone if it was charging on a wall far from me. Now, I’ve been going to the gym every single day, changed my eating habits and lost 7kgs since. Let me tell you how hypnosis exactly got me from sinking deeper into the couch and changed my life in a matter of 2 months…

Can hypnosis make me work out? Will it get me off the couch?

The shortest and most accurate answer is yes. As a matter of fact, hypnosis gives you back all the power you’ve lost through the buildup of unhealthy habits over the years which you barely even notice now. From your vision, you might just see how you’re simply unable to work out, eat healthy foods or sinking deeper into the couch. However, hypnosis targets the core of why exactly these are happening and starts to shift your mind from inside out.

In a writing by Dr Alman (2001) in The Permanente Journal, he explained that each person has a useful potential within them and that the goal of modern medical hypnosis is “to help patients use this unconscious potential”.

Let me explain exactly how hypnosis can easily get you off the couch.

Having a Clearer Mind to Achieve Goals

To me, I never really got off the couch because I never really had to. I kept on asking myself, “Why do I need to? What’s in it for me?”. I had no clear goals of changing my ways, so I didn’t. Admittedly, I had some goals before that didn’t really last long because I would keep coming back to this critical question “Do I really need this?” and before I know it, I’m back in the couch sinking. The key part of keeping me stuck in that loop is hopelessness that I’ll never get better or I’ll never have the drive to move forward. All of these changed when I discovered hypnosis.

As I listened to hypnosis for “Weight Loss Made Easy”, it almost unlocked these new parts of my mind which boosted me into being more connected with my goals. Primarily, hypnosis does this when you’re in a trance-like state which bypasses all conscious critical questions you might have so you’re more susceptible to suggestions. As I went deeper into the hypnosis, I became more and more connected to achieving my goals from the core of my mind. After I did it once, I felt like I could achieve anything I wanted to. All of the things holding me back was taken off so seamlessly, I didn’t even notice I was already forming healthier habits as I have a clearer mind to do whatever it takes now to achieve my goals.

But my experience didn’t end there.

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Establish a more Accurate Self-Efficacy

Another reason that kept me stuck in the couch was how I view my effectivity on doing activities based on how I think of my abilities. To say the least, it was difficult for me to believe in myself and as a result, it was difficult to push myself further. I never took challenges simply because I never really saw myself making progress in them at all. I have a bad habit of self-sabotage when it all feels impossible to do so I get tugged back into the loop that is the couch. However, hypnosis completely re-aligned and re-calibrated my mind to think of my abilities more accurately. I became more aware of my self-defeating tendencies and completely left them behind. It was flushed off along with the negative self-talk as hypnosis completely shifted my mind into a seamless boost that constantly propelled me further, even beyond what I expected of myself.

Hypnosis moulded my mind to think of the goals as something which were at reach and I could actually achieve. There were times the challenges felt like too much for me or my past self would usually give up to but with the boost of hypnosis, my mind became more and more persistent against bigger and bigger challenges. It became a reflex for me to push myself further along my journey. The first time I went to the gym, I felt like my whole body was breaking. Later on, I realised I could even push myself further. Before I knew it, I was already jogging in the morning and going to the gym at night. Little by little, I increased my weights at the gym and I got a better pace at running further at a shorter amount of time. Now I don’t feel any resistance from myself due to beliefs of inefficacy whatsoever!

Read on as it gets even more interesting.

Strengthen Willpower

One of the toughest barriers to making a successful lifestyle change is the willpower that fuels your self-control. I was yo-yo dieting before, admittedly, because I had faulty willpower that made for highly unhealthy eating choices and habits. Undergoing hypnosis completely rewired my automatic thought processes when it comes to strengthening my drive for self-control, determination and discipline. Before hypnosis, I was really lenient on my eating and workout habits as I was constantly acting out of impulse. I easily associated the healthy lifestyle with negative experiences such as pain and restrictions. Hypnosis completely and easily altered this by associating positive emotions and experiences to being healthier.

Even beyond, I became more and more aware of my eating and workout habits. With the help of hypnosis, I’ve completely flushed away unhealthy eating habits such as mindless eating, overeating and emotional eating. I was surprised at how I’d go out of my way just to get to the healthier choice. With working out, I was more driven to push myself further. This was most evident in undesirable situations such as actually still going to the gym even with bad weather. I was able to persist against short-term gratifications or temptations that might hold me back from meeting long-term goals as my mind became more disciplined, aware and in control.

It turns out, that wasn’t even the end of it.

Forming Healthier Habits

The buildup of unhealthy habits that are deeply rooted in our mind that has become too automatic to be noticed is one of the main reasons why I was stuck in the couch. I was too used and comfortable in where I was so it seemed like the only way. However, hypnosis completely reframed my mind to flush this belief away from the core and replace it with new and healthier habits. My mind has been shifted to focus only on what actually fuels my body’s needs such as the right foods and the right active lifestyle. As these changes happened from the core of my mind, it automatically resonated to my automatic thought processes and behaviours. I was able to find a healthier lifestyle easier for me and experienced lesser resistance for myself to keep going on my journey.

Hypnosis seamlessly propelled me into forming new and healthier habits that seemed more feasible for me regardless of time constraints. Now, I’m able to fully integrate it with my life despite the busy schedules and undesirable events happening around. I had the energy to really make time every single day to work out or prepare a proper meal for myself. I’d rather choose to walk if where I’m going to is not too far than take the car. Instead of snacking, I’d perform short workouts that give me more energy to keep going through the day.

As I kept on going, I discovered even more.

Enhanced Motivation to Keep Going

As one of the most crucial parts of getting yourself off the couch, motivation plays a key role in pushing yourself forward to making progress. In a study by Green & Lynn (2017) on using multifaceted hypnosis for smoking cessation, motivation has been found to be a key point in the process of quitting smoking and efforts to comply with treatment towards everyday living without a cigarette. Additionally, within the cessation process, hypnosis has been found to be an effective means to “build and sustain motivation, crystallise confidence and enhance commitment towards implementing a behavioural change” (Green & Lynn, 2017).

As hypnosis aligned my mind to find the drive and determination towards achieving my goals, my whole world simply shifted. With the help of hypnosis, the core of my mind was activated to initiate a behaviour that started from simply signing up for a gym session. Along my journey, I discovered I could make a continual effort to achieve my goal despite the obstacles that I encounter on a daily basis. Hypnosis also allowed me to form a more concentrated and vigorous mind to pursue my goals. It took off all the distractions that might hold me back from reaching my goals so my mind is laser-focused to keep on strengthening my new habits and moving forward along my weight loss journey. With a fresh new mind to take on challenges and a stronger drive to achieve goals, a newfound motivation grows stronger and stronger!

Related Questions

Can I do hypnosis for exercise through an app?

Yes, but the available hypnosis apps for exercise might not cater to your needs properly. You have been careful in finding the good ones that can actually help without wasting time on the ones that might give you a bad experience. If available, always check for more information on the credibility of the hypnosis app through reviews or their website before actually doing one.

Can I do self-hypnosis?

Yes, and it’s actually a very healthy exercise for the mind. The easiest way to do this is to put yourself in a meditative or trance state through completely relaxing or when you’re about to fall asleep. Once you’re in that state, you can then tell yourself positive suggestions depending on what you want your mind to do.



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