Can I use Hypnosis to Eat Clean

July 19, 2018. 5-MINUTE READ


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The difference between clients struggling to eat clean and those who don’t is the lack of automatic or autopilot behavior.  Good news is you can use hypnosis to create automatic habits like clean eating and I’m going to tell you how.

Can I use hypnosis to eat clean and change eating habits

H. E. Stanton Ph.D. 2011 study in The American Journal Of Clinical Hypnosis publication on weight loss through hypnosis describes the journey of 10 patients who successfully lost weight on a 4 session weight loss program that included amongst other things direct suggestion to eat healthily. 100% of participants lost weight after all 4 sessions and continued to lose weight after the treatment finished, most hit the target goal weight at 5 months and all were still at their target weight at 2 years.

What these results suggest amongst other things that the use of hypnosis can be very beneficial for weight loss success,  long term results, to help change to healthy eating habits and feel good about it in the process!

How Hypnosis can help you to eat clean

Automatic behavior or Autopilot is really just something we learned over and over until we mastered it and now know how to do without thinking, much walking and talking, moving or something we learned as an adult like driving a car.

Let me give you an example…

Think back to when you first learned how to drive a car.  Remember how difficult, frustrating and scary it was. You had to learn how to break or accelerate, look for hazards, indicate, head check, check your mirrors, maintain your speed, all at once, just to change lanes.

Now you do all these things in split seconds, without thought, while listing to the radio or singing at the top of your lungs. This is autopilot in action.

Your autopilot mostly drives the car but you had to consciously and sometimes painfully learn how to drive, practice over and over until you knew how, once you know how you become more confident in your driving, relaxed a bit more, enjoyed it a bit more and then before you know it you’ve mastered how to drive and now you no longer need to think about it.

And that’s not all

Do you remember driving somewhere and when you arrived you realized you don’t remember driving there, or which way you traveled, somehow you got there safe and you knew the way without even thinking about it.  That’s also autopilot in action. Now, isn’t that’s amazing!

Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy works with the part of your mind that stores your automatic – autopilot habits and behaviors. When in a hypnotic state you’re open to change and can change your unwanted unhealthy habits and behaviors into automatic healthy habits, like clean eating for example and in many cases the results can be instant. Now Imagine cleaning eating was an automatic behavior, you’d never have a weight problem again.

Let me explain further

How hypnosis affects your brain

Hypnosis slows your brain waves down to the level where your learned habits and behaviors sit. And when in this brain wave level you are open to suggestions and to learn quickly and sometimes instantly. So rather than having to consciously learn something by doing it over and over until its autopilot, much like learning to drive a car, hypnosis helps you get straight to it, helps make the change fast and sometimes instantly.

Heres another way to think about it

When in hypnosis you can learn quickly and instantly, something that would normally take weeks even years to change, learn or master can be done in a matter of hours.

You can pretty much teach your brain to do whatever you want with Hypnotherapy techniques for example techniques like ‘hypnotic suggestion’. How does this technique work? Think of hypnotic suggestion like planting a seed.

Stay with me, this gets interesting.

Hypnosis is like planting a seed

When in hypnosis you can make a suggestion or ‘plant the seed’ for example that you love clean healthy, fresh, whole foods and that you like to shop only the fresh food aisle, that you crave healthy food and really only need to eat as much as your body needs, nothing more.  Food is fuel and that’s all it is, it’s not pain or pleasure, good or bad, you love how it makes you feel and it goes on.

What does this mean to you

Now your mind has these direct suggestions or seeds, you’ve been specific and planted the healthy clean eating seeds. Because they’ve been planted you will start to notice them. Clients tell me they hear the word in their head and find themselves repeating these suggestions mentally or out loud to others and each time you do the seed grows and keeps growing until it’s a full-blown tree with lots of thick ‘healthy branches’ full of healthy thoughts and memories and choices you’ve made.  Some seeds grow fast some seeds may take a while, some branches get broken or stunted but the seed is always there.

A word of caution.

Focus on what you want not on what you don’t want

Your mind has a way of giving you want so if you focus on how overweight you are, how fat your stomach is, how bad you look in clothes, then that’s what you’ll get.  The unconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real or what’s not, it only knows what you tell it.  So if every day you say “I’m so overweight” “ I’m so fat” “I’m so bloated” etc that’s what you get every day.

Picture it this way

Do you remember a time when you wanted a new car and then you started to see that car everywhere?  Or when you were single but wanted to be a couple and you saw nothing but couples everywhere. Or you wanted to get fit and healthy and every woman you saw was in activewear, either going from or go to the gym you saw fit people everywhere. Or you wanted a baby and that all you saw was babies and prams.

These are all examples of how quickly your mind can focus on what you want. Imagine how quickly you can get what you want if you focus on it.

Why not give it a try, see if hypnosis is right for you, its FREE and you can cancel anytime no questions asked

Experiment with me

Let’s test this out, do a little experiment with me… think about a car you would like, what color it is, what make and model, something that in your mind you really would love to have and you could get if you saved up.

Go and research that car, how much it cost, what it looks like, which one you would like to own and imagine yourself driving it. Really immerse yourself into the experience and excitement of that car. Spend a couple of hours max doing your research.

Then go for a drive and count how many of these cars you notice on the road! They will be everywhere!

You’ve heard the good and the bad, now here’s the ugly

Why Hypnosis doesn’t work

‘Suggestion Seeds’ are planted every day via TV commercials, billboards, newspapers, radio, bus stops, train stations, and the advertising is done by very clever marking people that know how to plant seeds, they want your business and they know how to get it. 

It just gets worse

Because you are constantly bombarded with these negative or unhealthy images over and over it helps the seed grow into a massive tree.  Think about the images you would see every day: KFC, McDonald’s, red rooster, taco bills, hungry jacks, dominos, and every other food advertisement they put on at dinner time, not to mention all the pharmaceutical adverts that tell you how sick you are or will be if you don’t take their pill.

But wait, there’s more

What about the negative messages from those around you, snide remark here or there from family or friends, your boss or co-workers or that look you get walking by a stranger and don’t get me started on social media

All these negative messages will compete with than healthy messages or seeds you are trying to nurture, leaving you with feelings over overwhelmed and feeling like your in a constant battle of making a conscious choice all the time, this can be exhausting.

Let me tell you one of the biggest reasons

Your self-talk is on autopilot

You also plant your own suggestion seeds. Did you know that 95% of what we say to ourselves today we say to ourselves tomorrow and the next day and so on?  Your habit of repeating the same negative things to yourself over and over every day can stifle the growth of your positive seeds. 

Sometimes you need to reinforce what you want over and over just to drown out the negative crap you’ve had on rinse repeat all these years. Hypnosis can help change and reframe the negative spin cycle you have going on but there is also something you can put into action right now.

I’ll get to that in a minute

How An Elastic Band Can Change Your Life

I love giving this elastic band trick to my clients and they all love it too. It’s simple and it works. Imagine every time you said each negative comment about yourself a new branch on your tree grew and when you repeat each negative thing the branches get thicker and bigger.  There more you repeat the more you feed the negative branches, you get the picture.

So what’s the point?

Now imagine that when you said something negative you quickly interrupt that thought and change it to a positive one.  At that moment you would stop feeding the negative branch BUT also at the same time be feeding the positive branch.

It gets better

The other cool thing is Over time the instant interrupt of negative and changing to positive trains your brain to quickly move from negative to positive automatically! You now how automatic positive thoughts and remember… 95% of what we say to ourselves today we will say to ourselves tomorrow.. Hello Happiness!

It’s easier than you think

4 Steps to automate your positive thoughts

Step 1. Put the elastic band on the wrist

Step 2. Every time you have a negative thought or say something negative about yourself or others you flick the elastic band. Firm so it stings a bit but not a lot.

Step 3 rub or kiss your wrist

Step 4 reframe the negative talk into something positive

This little trick helps you become aware of what seeds you are planting but also help retrain your brain to focus on positive than negative.  Pretty cool hey. Simples!

What hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is not

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is not a diet, its not a clean eating plan or shopping list. It’s not magic or a magic pill and its not a religion to believe in. It won’t melt the fat away nor will it make you do anything you really don’t want to do. BUT it is a great therapy tool that can help you change a lifetime of habits, behaviors and love your life every damn day! It’s the same as everything you get out of it what you put into to.

You still have to press play

If you listen toa hypnotherapy MP3 every day for a week you are going to notice changes, if you listen every day for 6 weeks, you (and everyone around you) will notice a lot of changes and do it for 12 weeks and beyond your life will change forever, in the most wonderful way. Hypnotherapy is to help to change habits and behaviors so the more you have to change the more you will change.

So get off the diet

Studies prove Dieting doesn’t work

Traci Mann, UCLA associate professor of psychology conducted a comprehensive study analyzing 31 long term diet studies and found that you can initially lose weight but it will all come back on. She says one study that followed the obese patient over two years found that 83% of people that go on a diet will gain back more weight than they lost.

Further to this

Diets don’t work because you are working on the wrong thing. If you work on changing all the unhealthy habitat and behaviors and the underlying reason WHY you have a relationship with food then you will never have to diet again. Taking this approach is a lifestyle change for your mind. Get your healthy seeds growing and your healthy branches so thick and lush there will be no room for any negative branches.

Other questions you might have

How quickly does Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy work

Some people get instant results, some can take weeks, on average it can be anywhere from one session to 12 sessions.  In my experience, if you have a lot of things to change then it may take longer.  Your openness to change and the quality of the hypnotherapist all play a part in your experience

How to get the most Success from your hypnotherapy

Number one is trusting your hypnotherapist, you need to, one, like them and, two, believe they have the skill to help you.  Because, if you don’t like them you won’t trust them and they won’t get you into a trance which makes the rest redundant.

Next thing is weight loss can be complicated.  You may have a lifetime of baggage to drop at the baggage counter so to get optimum results your hypnotherapist will need to cover as a minimum and it’s definitely not an exhaustive list but as an example:

  • Focus attention on wants rather than don’t wants
  • Positive reinforcement of why success is beneficial
  • Cover common Self-sabotage triggers
  • Work with the Part of you that doesn’t want to succeed
  • Cover all the negative emotions that don’t serve us
  • Releasing all the stuff (our baggage) that we hold onto that keeps us stuck
  • Reinforce and reinforce over and over if need be, this is why Hypnosis downloads are the bomb!!

Can Hypnosis be used for eating less

In a 1995 Kirch, I. Montgomery, G. Sapirstein performed a meta-analysis on 18 studies in which cognitive behavioral therapy was compared to cognitive-behavioral hypnosis.  The results showed that those that received hypnosis showed great improvement than at least 70% of clients that didn’t receive hypnotic treatment.

They went on to say “ Effects seemed particularly pronounced for treatments of obesity, especially at long-term follow-up, indicating that unlike those in nonhypnotic treatment, clients to whom hypnotic inductions had been administered continued to lose weight after treatment ended. These results were particularly striking because of the few procedural differences between the hypnotic and nonhypnotic treatments.

The Virtual Gastric Band program is one of the best programs for overeating as it focuses on shrinking that stomach down to the size of a golf ball and reducing the amount of food you eat.

Jodi Clarke

Jodi Clarke

CEO & Founder | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Weight Loss Specialist

Leading the charge is Jodi Clarke, the CEO and Founder of Awaecnan, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in weight loss hypnotherapy in South East Melbourne and the peninsula. Having studied at The Academy of Hypnotic Science, an Australian government-accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training academy, Jodi’s hypnotherapy skills are both effective and award-winning as she supports clients to achieve positive changes in their everyday lives.

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