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“I usually eat to match my 20-year-old son in the weeks after these MP3s I found him taking food off my plate that I couldn’t get through and for the last few weeks we just serve me up half and I’m full.”  – Anthony

Does virtual gastric band hypnosis work?

Yes, virtual gastric band hypnosis works, and even beyond that, it prompts a complete lifestyle change that you won’t find by simply following a diet from the internet. Many turns to this process as no diets have worked for them and after undergoing the gastric band hypnosis, a lot of them report a major change in how much they eat, the way they view food, their eating habits and even enjoyed a newfound stronger motivation to push themselves further. A lot of the people who have undergone the process also reported that it simply worked for them since it required minimum effort, allowed them to relax at the end of a stressful day and even experienced better sleep.

These were all possible since the idea of gastric band hypnosis comes from a weight loss procedure wherein a silicone device is placed on the upper section of the stomach to restrict the amount of food that can be stored in it. As a result, you’ll feel full faster so you can easily lose weight without actually undergoing invasive surgery. While virtual gastric band hypnosis doesn’t actually do any of this physically, it makes your mind believe that you’ve undergone the surgery at a subconscious level so your body responds as if you actually have a gastric band in your stomach.

Want to know if this is for you? Stay with me. This gets even more interesting.

How Gastric Band Hypnosis changed People’s Lives


Allison can still remember when she weighed almost 120 kilograms following the birth of her children. She would struggle to get out of the car and found it difficult to catch her breath when walking up stairs. 

Allison went on to completely changed her eating habits and became even more active. She runs every week now and as she currently weighs 66 kilograms, she’s found more energy and fewer aches.


Julie found that listening to gastric band hypnosis is very convenient and requires very minimal effort to fit in her busy day. It completely changed her relationship with food as she didn’t feel hungry as usual and she would only eat a third of her meals already feeling full. She’s changed her cooking habits and learned to serve smaller portions as it now comes naturally to her. She felt liberated after the experience and now she’s transformed her lifestyle completely.

“The whole experience has been liberating. I was always obsessed with food when I was going to have my next snack and what it would be.” Julie described. “I’m still me but this hypnotic gastric band has allowed me to take control of my life again.” 

She’s lost a total of 12 kilograms since starting the program


Always struggled with her weight and was never the type to eat healthily and exercise, Catherine, tried so many diets over the year but could never find anything that would actually work.  Constantly overeating and eating too much of the wrong thing saw Catherines wait balloon leaving her feeling depressed.

“Very excited to say I’ve lost 12 kgs. Only 8 to go!!!!! And I actually have the energy to take a daily walk, something I haven’t had in ages with running around after the kids all day” – Catherine


Lauren was an all-day grazer and would constantly pick at food. Eat between meals and snacks on chips, chocolate, and soft drinks. Now she has experienced the Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy she found she no longer sees food the same way.

“My portions have got a lot smaller and I’ve stopped craving fatty meals.”, – Lauren.

Lauren has lost 20kg so far and is looking forward to things to come.

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The “Operation”

 The truth is, you won’t actually have one but the trick here is to make your mind believe at the subconscious level as if you’ve had one so the rest of your body responds accordingly. With the use of relaxation techniques, your mind will be in a trance-like state wherein it’s more open to suggestions. Specifically, with the gastric band hypnosis, the suggestions will include the fitting of a physical band around your stomach along with resolving other root causes of your unhealthy habits revolving around food. Within this “operation”, the main goal is to make your mind think your stomach is only the size of a golf ball now. Gastric band hypnosis follows the same top-down process wherein the mental representations override physiology perception, and behavior (Terhune, et. Al., 2017). This means that as these are happening at the core of your mind, you will then completely change your relationship with food, your eating habits and ultimately your whole lifestyle permanently.

Hypnosis has been found to be powerful in the domain of memory (Kihlstrom, 1997; Laurence & Perry, 1988). In fact, it has been reliably used to induce false memories successfully (Loftus, 1997).  These are important evidence of how hypnosis significantly influences and reshape your cognition towards living a healthier lifestyle, among many others. This means that you will be experiencing the same benefits (if not, even more effective) as if you’ve actually had the surgery without having to go to the hospital for an invasive procedure and spending more. As opposed to actually undergoing physical gastric band surgery, there are no physical side-effects in this procedure.

Even more, the beauty of hypnosis is that it can go beyond simply the procedure and actually resolve emotional issues deeply rooted in your subconscious to completely change the way you view food and actually form new habits to replace the eradicated unhealthy ones. This includes holistic lifestyle changes that will make you more active, boost your motivation and enhance your determination towards a more effective weight loss experience. In a meta-analysis of 18 studies by Kirsch, et. al. (1995), it has been found that the average client that receives cognitive-behavioral hypnotherapy elicited greater improvement than at least  70% of the clients that received non-hypnotic cognitive-behavioral treatment.

How will this process affect you? Let me explain further.

The Changes

As previously established unhealthy automatic habits are eradicated, you’ll be forming new and healthier ones that will propel you seamlessly into achieving your weight loss goals. With gastric band hypnosis, your mind will work as if your stomach is the size of a golf ball and so your food consumption will significantly be lesser. It will become a reflex for you to feel full faster and simply stop eating when you’re full even if you haven’t eaten all of the food on your plate. It will be easier for you to only choose healthy foods that will actually fuel your body to work better, have more energy and be more driven every single day. As part of the hypnosis, your mind will be even more focused to achieve your goals since deeply rooted issues revolving the healthier lifestyle will be resolved and you’ll be well on your way towards locking in permanent healthy habits.

Especially for people with overeating habits, eating out of pure taste or comfort while completely ignoring whether or not they are actually physically hungry will be completely flushed out. You’ll be more sensitive to actually recognizing physical sensations and being full towards promoting healthier eating habits. Since this is a hypnosis procedure, these new habits will only grow stronger every day along with your newfound motivation, more energy and fuller life. Along with lesser food consumption, your confidence and strength will also be reinforced so that you have all the power to take control of your eating habits and your life in general. Without the physical side-effects of the real surgery such as nausea, vomiting and acid reflux, nothing will hold you back from achieving your weight loss goals!

These changes happen since hypnosis digs deep into the root causes of barriers to break them. These will be most apparent in behavioral changes often caused by automatic thoughts. As these automatic thought processes are replaced and recalibrated with newer, healthier ones, you’ll automatically find yourself more driven to live a healthier lifestyle. The best thing about it is it doesn’t really take much effort to be able to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle and you’ll even love every minute of it!

What to watch out for when looking for good gastric band hypnosis?

The Ideal Gastric Band Hypnosis

As with any good hypnotherapy program, the virtual gastric band hypnosis should include important points to tackle along the process apart from simply making your mind believe that you’ve undergone surgery to achieve significant results. As with any change, a good starting point will be establishing an inspiring goal you’re most connected within your weight loss journey and your confidence in achieving this goal must be significantly increased. Along with this, there should also be techniques that maximize the power of positive expectation towards your potentials and abilities. This will help boost your motivation towards achieving your goals. In terms of negative self-view, processing limiting beliefs that have to do with your weight, body, and life, in general, more efficiently should also be included.

Apart from overeating, there must also be a focus on emotional eating towards changing this unhealthy habit completely which encompasses being able to process emotions without the need for food within stressful situations. It’s important that it’s not only your mind that believes you’ve already undergone the operation but actually completely eradicating all unhealthy habits revolving around food and re-training your mind towards healthier ones. This way, there would be no room for you to slip back to old, unhealthy habits towards completely making the switch to the healthier ones. Other issues buried in the past that might be fueling these unhealthy habits such as childhood trauma, there should be techniques present that identifies the root causes of these, reframe the mind and resolve the issues completely. Most of all, there should be available and accessible support to you through the course of the program for follow-ups and ongoing support if needed.

Now here comes the good part.

Is The Virtual Gastric Band for you?

While hypnosis can instantly shift your mind for you to simply become healthier, gastric band hypnosis works best if you’re fully committed to actually making the change. This way, there will be the least amount of resistance present in your mind so the hypnosis can work itself out even more efficiently and effectively. This will make your mind easier to retrain and reshape towards propagating healthier habits that will actually yield significant results. This is supported by Dienes & Perner’s (2007) cold control theory which states that a successful response to hypnotic suggestion is simply forming the intention to perform the action without much conscious thought. Hence, the more your mind is open and committed to making the change, the more seamless it is to establish strong foundations from the core.

Additionally, the more you trust your hypnotherapist performing the hypnosis and the more comfortable you are with the process, the easier your subconscious will relax and the more effective the gastric band hypnosis will be. You’ll be able to trust your hypnotherapist more if you know their credentials well or see first on any free downloads or samples from their websites if their tone of voice won’t make you feel uneasy or weird. There were many instances wherein people didn’t complete their course of treatment because something about the therapists’ style makes them uncomfortable. With the right combination of your commitment, your most trusted hypnotherapist and the support they give, you’ll be well on your way towards switching to a healthier, full lifestyle through the help of gastric band hypnosis!

Related Questions

Are there any virtual gastric band hypnosis near me?

As a known method, gastric band hypnosis has been widely used by many hypnotherapists or psychologists practicing hypnosis. You can check nearby directories for the availability of virtual gastric band hypnosis in your area. In choosing the right hypnotherapist, be sure they are credible and experienced so you won’t waste any of your time. If it’s not available near you, there are also available programs accessible wherever you are in hypnosis websites such as We offer a full Virtual Gastric Band Deluxe Program that ensures significant results as have been experienced by many of our past clients. As we are accessible across multiple platforms (web and mobile), you can listen to it anywhere you want to!

Are there any gastric band hypnotherapy review I could check?

Yes, this is one of the articles you should be looking for but you should be careful in taking other people’s experiences because results may vary from person to person. You might find that people have different experiences on the treatment. Since hypnosis is largely subjective and performed differently across many hypnotherapists, the results may vary from person to person. It should also be regarded that each person has different immediate environments and experiences that might contribute to their weight loss or gain experiences with the hypnosis. Other factors such as time-constraints, attitudes, and social dynamics should also be regarded. Hence, any reviews you find online should be taken with a grain of salt as you might also discover a different experience if you undergo the program yourself.



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