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This is one of the building blocks to start your journey towards the person you want to be.

It might not happen overnight but consistently listening to this MP3 changes your subconscious mind which allows it to work its magic!

This professional hypnosis recordings will start to slowly change the underlying, lifelong habits that have contributed to your sleep issues. The very same habits that have derailed your previous attempts to get to sleep, keep thoughts swirling around while you are trying to sleep or keep you tossing and turning all night.



what you can expect

Soon after listening to this MP3, you’ll find that…

Falling asleep now feels easy and seamless

You’ll stop tossing and turning with all the thoughts swirling around in your head

You wake up feeling fresh, energised and ready to face the day

You’ll feel a little more peaceful, focused and explore ways to improve your life, happiness and health.

These slight, daily improvements will prepare your mind and body to then take on bigger challenges and achieve bigger health and lifestyle goals in the future.

why hypnotherapy works

Hypnotherapy is such a powerful weight loss tool because it deals with the root cause of your weight issues—your habits, emotional eating urges, past negative experiences and unconscious beliefs around diet and exercise.

You can use sheer, teeth gritted determination and discipline to force yourself to stick to a low-calorie diet or high intensity exercise program for a while…

But if you do not first strengthen your mind and unconscious beliefs to improve your thought process and automatic daily actions, then eventually the old, unhealthy habits will resurface and you’ll be right back where you started.

Hypnotherapy works by focusing on the mind first

Then once you’re mentally ready to achieve the body, mind and lifestyle you deserve, the other pieces fall into place easily and permanently.

This is why Awaecnan puts the mind on the forefront of the healing process, as founded by hypnotherapy expert Jodi Clarke who’s been able to help 8454 others in improving their healthy, fitness, body shape and self-esteem.

So if you want to start significantly improving your mind, body and overall health each and every day, then this short, easy listening and extremely powerful Mp3 recording is the best way to begin your transformation today.