Can Hypnosis Help You Master Your Eating Habits?

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While I struggle to lose weight, I figured my eating habits played a crucial role in the entire process. Looking into hypnosis, I’ve found that there are many ways it helps mastering eating habits and I’m going to help you understand how it all works based on what I’ve found.

Can Hypnosis Help You Master Your Eating Habits?

A study by Okabe (1963) confirmed that post-hypnotic suggestions can significantly change attitudes towards food and that treating unbalanced diet with hypnotic suggestion is highly effective. For adults, it was emphasized that using image association is the best way to achieve eating habit goals.

Later on, Bellanti’s (1997) findings add support to this emphasising how hypnosis was a primary factor of changing behaviours and eating habits towards successful weight loss.

What I’ve found about the effects of hypnosis on our eating habits really blew my mind.

So read on.

What’s Wrong with “Trendy” Diets?

“Trendy” diets are highly restrictive and temporary since they simply establish short term goals that don’t have any long-lasting effects. For a short period of time, you might be able to follow through and lose some weight but once you stop, you immediately start to gain weight again. It only adds to the frustration and negative emotions that you associate to weight loss.

This causes your mind to become more repulsive to weight loss because you only think of those short term diets that don’t really solve any underlying issues that cause unhealthy eating habits. It simply further worsens your eating habits as you keep going on a loop of losing a little weight and gaining more.

These fad diets only solve the presenting problem without actually solving the root causes of ineffective and unhealthy eating habits. Apart from that, these “trendy” diets set you up to fail with temporary solutions such as shakes, diet pills, high fiber concoctions or energy drinks that won’t really make any actual change in your eating habits.

Restricting yourself for a diet only makes you want to eat more once you’re off of it and so once you gain more weight, all of these simply add to the frustration that keeps you in a loop of yo-yo dieting. Without fully understanding the role of food in your life and becoming aware of your habits around them, no actual change can actually be achieved.

Then it hit me.

Can hypnosis help with food addiction?

Just like how you learned and mastered walking throughout your life, establishing the habit of proper eating is not impossible to achieve. In fact, there might be instances where you no longer need to consciously think about your eating habits as you’re automatically becoming more mindful with what you eat, while eating and when to stop. Through hypnosis, you become more aware of the role of food in your life and you’ll be able to successfully change your relationship with food.

A few key points to proper eating must be kept in mind

  • Our unhealthy eating habits have become so automatic over the years that we just do it without conscious thought. By keeping a food diary, you become more aware of your own eating patterns and which triggers what unhealthy habit.
  • As we go on our busy lives, we often eat without even paying attention to what we’re eating which often results in overeating. Try to avoid distractions while eating and you savor your food to the last crunch!
  • Many times we reach out for food throughout the day when we’re bored, stressed, angry, sad, happy or experiencing any heightened emotion as we often use food as a temporary resolution. Start being mindful with your body’s needs to only eat when you’re actually hungry and stop when you feel full.
  • Since we’re used to processed foods, it’s all easy for us to pick them up when doing grocery. It’s important to understand the value of eating the food that will actually nourish your body such as fruits and vegetables and avoid fatty and junk foods.
  • Many are used to simply slack off during downtime and watch something while mindlessly snacking on junk foods. It’s important to replace this with short walks to clear your mind and further propel yourself to keep being active.


The role of hypnosis is to propel you easily from the core of your mind to flush old, unhealthy habits and form new, healthier ones towards living a lusher life. Hypnosis does this by resolving your relationship with foods and strengthening the positive association between eating healthy foods and achieving long-term goals.

As your mind is reshaped from the core, your automatic thought processes and beliefs will also be rewired to create healthier automatic behaviours. Immediately, you’ll notice you’re becoming more and more satisfied with eating only healthy foods and being more active every single day. You’ll have more energy to prepare proper food and continually maintain your healthy habits.

That’s when everything spiraled out of control.

Why not give it a try, see if hypnosis is right for you, its FREE and you can cancel anytime no questions asked

How can I control my eating habits?

Many реорlе think thаt еаting nutritiоuѕlу is diffiсult tо accomplish. Thе аррrоасh оnе ѕhоuld tаkе iѕ tо dеvеlор healthy еаting hаbitѕ tо lоѕе weight, mаintаin proper wеight and mаximizе your hеаlth. Hаbitѕ, both gооd and bаd, аrе hаrd to brеаk. Hypnosis helps by re-training your mind to associate long-term positive benefits in eating properly and nutritiously.

Since hypnosis makes the change from your subconscious, your behaviours will automatically follow. By using hypnosis to еѕtаbliѕh gооd eating habits, they become more and more automatic each day until you won’t even think about them.

Without even conscious thinking, you start to learn hоw tо grосеrу ѕhор fоr gооd fооd сhоiсеѕ. Mоѕt visits to the grосеrу ѕtоrе lead уоu tо the same аiѕlеѕ and ѕеlесting thе same fооd items. Since hypnosis has associated positive effects to consuming healthy foods in your mind, you’re simply automatically drawn towards them. Hypnosis helps your mind be more aware of what your body actually needs.

Another miѕсоnсерtiоn аbоut proper еаting iѕ thаt nutritious fооdѕ аrе boring, blаnd аnd nоt vеrу tаѕtу. Hypnosis completely shifts your mind to untangle previous experiences and issues associated with nutritious foods with negative effects and resolve them directly from your subconscious.

By replacing those with positive associations, you’ll find you have more energy to prepare proper food, even going out of your way to have a balanced meal. Proper food рrераrаtiоn, сооking methods, nutritiоuѕ rесiреѕ аnd hеаlthу food ѕubѕtitutiоn саn lеаd to ѕоmе incredibly hеаlthу аnd delicious diѕhеѕ. As it becomes more rewarding, it becomes more and more reinforced and strengthened in your mind.

Hypnosis helps develop the right mindset, untangle webs of unresolved root causes of unhealthy habits and establish stronger, healthier ones. This will significantly propel you to have a complete lifestyle change for a more successful weight control. As opposed to temporary diets, this can have holistic and permanent effects that will give you more energy to face daily life!

 It gets better.

How do you control bad eating habits?

Without consciously doing it, we’ve mastered unhealthy eating habits throughout the years much like how we mastered walking as a result of predispositions, beliefs, and attitudes. These are deeply ingrained in the subconscious which governs automatic thought processes. These automatic thought processes control our habits so by changing these from the subconscious, it would be easier to make lifestyle changes.

In a study by Lally and colleagues (2009), new habits are successfully formed in an average of 66 days. Thаt mеаnѕ that if you put conscious еffоrt intо forming 3 fitnеѕѕ hаbitѕ еvеrу 66 days, by thе end of thе уеаr you’ll hаvе 15 nеw hеаlthу hаbitѕ. Begin establishing healthier habits revolving around food to completely eliminate old, ineffective ones that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

 Let me break it all down for you.

Listen More to the Inside than the Outside

More recent research has found that Americans eat until their plate is empty or until the TV show they’re watching while eating is over (Wansink, et. al. 2007). This is mostly unnoticeable but many of us rely more on external cues to decide when to stop eating rather than relying on what our bodies actually need which contributes largely to weight gain.

Take some time to listen to your internal cues whenever you feel hungry or full. This can be different for everybody but the point here is becoming more aware of your body’s needs. When you’re hungry, is there a slight rumble coming from your stomach? Is there a slight headache or a mouth-watering sensation? Once you already feel full, is there a sudden rush of energy all across your body? Can you describe what you feel once you think you’ve had enough food?

As a learning process, it may take time but it’s always important to observe your body and infer what it’s trying to tell you. If you continue to only eat once you actually feel hungry and leave the table once you’re full, regardless of the food left on your plate, you’ll notice the significant changes in your weight and your relationship with food.

Once you have developed a better way to listen to your body’s needs, always try to avoid too-hungry and too-full scenarios where you start to feel uncomfortable.

Differentiate Body Sensations and Feelings

Being able to establish a more aware and sensitive mind towards your body’s needs, you’ll then be able to propel yourself to break the association between food and appeasing your feelings. When you start to feel extreme emotions or stress, try to turn away from using food as a temporary resolution. The truth is, no matter how much you eat, it will never resolve your emotional hunger.

Only listen to your body’s actual sensations rather than use food to cheer yourself up when you’re down, celebrate good moments or simply when bored. Properly address and process those emotions and handle stress more efficiently by using healthier coping mechanisms such as drinking water as a way to relieve yourself of stress.

Start by keeping a food diary to record and monitor the times that you felt the emotional hunger and which emotions trigger them. By being more aware of your habits, you become more in control of changing them to your liking.

Only focus on the hunger that’s physiological and only appease this hunger at a healthy level. 

Stay focused on Your Food

Meals have become such a fleeting part of our day as a result of work or sometimes simply relaxing after work. Whenever you start eating, turn off the TV, silent your phone and be present as possible in consuming the food in front of you. Start to have proper meals at the dining table wherein your work can’t reach you while eating.

At the moment of eating, practice being more mindful of all the sensations you’re experiencing at that very moment. Start to notice all the taste and texture of the food as you slowly take your time in eating them. See all the minor details of the fruit you’re eating, taste all the juice from it and start to really enjoy the process of eating.

Before the next bite, take a step back to assess if you’re already full or satisfied with the food you ate by listening to your body’s needs closely. This is where you can really use the fullness cues from your body that you’ve learned and developed in the earlier section.

Once you’ve been able to really master all these three simple habits and integrate them into your daily living, you’ll notice the major differences it makes to your mind and how you view food.

Related Questions

Can hypnosis help with food addiction?

Barabasz and Spiegel (1989) have used hypnosis to associate overeating as poison to the body among 45 obese women to help them lose weight. The study highlighted that they’ve achieved their weight goals and the women have learned to separate themselves from their desire to eat, as opposed to restricting themselves through a traditional diet.

As with any unhealthy habit, hypnosis treats food addiction effectively by resolving underlying core issues that cause the addiction to food. Hypnosis can untangle webs of root causes straight from the unconscious so that your mind is rewired to completely change your relationship with food. As these changes happen from the core of the mind, it will have long-lasting real changes that seamlessly leads to a holistic lifestyle change.

Can hypnosis help me eat vegetables?

In a case study conducted by Bellanti (1997), a 35-year old woman successfully switched to a healthier lifestyle and lost 5 kilograms even 4 weeks after her treatment. It was concluded that hypnosis was a primary factor in changing her eating and drinking habits.

This proves how hypnosis works seamlessly to establish healthier habits by associating positive effects with healthier foods. Hypnosis will not only help you eat vegetables, but it will also even propel you to a complete lifestyle change with long-term positive effects.



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