The Truth about Hypnosis for Quick Weight Loss

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I was looking for a quick weight loss solution that won’t force me to go on restrictive dietsStumbling upon hypnosis, I discovered the many ways it can really help with quick weight loss seamlessly that I’m so excited to tell you all about it! 

Everything You Need to Know about Hypnosis for Quick Weight Loss 

Kirsch and colleagues (1995) have found that using hypnosis greatly quickens progress in weight loss. It has been found that those who use hypnosis for weight loss progress faster than 75% of those who do not.   

Even beyond that, the study has also found that those who used hypnosis actually maintained significant progress 2 years after treatment.  

You’ll never believe what I’ve found as I kept on looking into it. 

Can I hypnotise myself to lose weight?  

Self-hypnosis is a healthy exercise recommended for daily practiceEspecially if done in the morning, it helps in clearing your mind to be more driven and motivated for the rest of the day. Depending on your goals, here are some steps you can take that you can customise on your own whenever you do it yourself:  

  1. Set aside around 20-30 minutes that you can find some alone time that’s free of any distractions in the most comfortable place in your house. 
  2. Before proceeding, set your ideal goals in losing weight and be really specific about it. It helps most if you can write them down and read it aloud before you begin. 
  3. Start to imagine yourself in the size you’d like to be, including how you think others will react once they see you and be as vivid as possible. 
  4. When you’re ready, close your eyes and completely relax your entire body as much as you can. Begin to breathe deeply and focus on the sensation that goes around your body from head to toes. Once you feel that pleasurable sensation all over your body, relax even further towards engaging in a trance state. 
  5. Once you are in that trance state, you can then imagine yourself in the ideal size and weight you’d like yourself to be. Focus on the emotions, perspectives and sensations you experience at this moment. Be fully connected to how it feels good to be healthy and in the best shape you’d like yourself to be. Feel the lightness and freedom of being able to move around in the size you’d like yourself to be in. 
  6. Once you feel satisfied with all those positive emotions and sensations, come back to your conscious state slowly while making sure that you’ve brought all those positive experiences with you. 

Making this a daily habit will re-train your mind to focus on the benefits of weight loss and will immediately take effect on your automatic behaviour in making the necessary lifestyle changes towards a more successful weight loss. 

But I didn’t stop there. 

Is hypnotherapy for weight loss effective? 

Many studies confirm the effectivity of hypnotherapy on weight loss. In a study by Kirsch (1996), he found that using hypnotherapy for weight loss has a 97% success rate. Additionally, Deyoub and Wilkie (1980) have also found that women who received suggestions through hypnosis have lost the most amount of weight  

Bolocofsky and his colleagues (1985) have also found that 41% of the people who use hypnosis reach or exceed their weight loss goals and continue to progress even 2 years after the treatment. Further, in her case study of using hypnosis for the weight loss of a 35-year-old womanBellanti (1997) also emphasized that hypnosis is a primary factor in changing eating and drinking habits which propelled the woman’s weight loss. 

Let me explain this to you simply. 

Hypnotherapy works best for weight loss because it untangles the webs of your mind that keeps you stuck in old, unhealthy habits. It goes deep into the root causes of unhealthy eating habits and negative attitude towards exercise to resolve them and replace them with healthier automatic thoughts that drive you further in your weight loss journey.  

Ultimately, hypnotherapy makes these changes in the subconscious which governs your automatic thoughts towards successfully making changes in automatic behaviour so it takes effect permanently and holistically. Even more, hypnosis allows for better emotional processingincreased self-efficacy and an overflowing amount of newfound motivation and energy that keeps you fueled in achieving your goals.  

Further on that later. 

Why not give it a try, see if hypnosis is right for you, its FREE and you can cancel anytime no questions asked

How do I keep myself motivated to lose weight? 

The most important part of generating unstoppable and almost endless motivation is being connected to all the reasons why you want to lose weightSome things to keep in mind for you to have constant motivation in losing weight: 

  • Keep in mind the deeper meaning of weight loss for you, including your health needs or how it will affect you positively every day, and the people around you such as your family and closest friends. 
  • Focus on establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based goals. Make short but achievable goals first to find pleasure and fulfilment in constant progress towards reaching long-term weight loss goals. 
  • Keep an accurate, realistic mind in not being too easy or too hard on yourself in achieving your goals as to keep your motivation going and frustrations far away. 
  • Find people around you with a similar drive as you do so you’re constantly supported and challenged to push further on achieving similar goals. 

If you’re able to constantly keep these in mind, you’ll notice you’ll feel more driven and determined to push past challenges and circumstances in achieving your long-term goals.  

So read on.  

Does hypnosis work on everyone? 

According to Andersen (1985), the more hypnotisable you are, the more success you achieve in weight loss. This has been further explained by the findings of Jupp and colleagues (1986) that showed how suggestions take more effect on people who reach a deeper trance-like state so they lose more weight.   

As hypnosis is a state of mind, you need to really be able to fully relax and focus your attention to your hypnotist closely as they navigate you efficiently in maximising the effects of hypnosis.  

Stay with me. This gets interesting.  

Experiencing hypnosis is highly varied between person to person. Some others find it natural to do while some find it almost like a skill to master. However, hypnosis can really work best when the mind is open enough to trust the process, committed to achieving the goals and determined to make the necessary changes. You’ve already taken the first step once you find fulfilment in introspection and understanding yourself better 

With the least resistance at the surface of your mind, you’ll able to tap into your deeper subconscious through the help of hypnosis to propel you further towards achieving your goals 

It didn’t end there.  

What is virtual gastric band hypnosis? 

Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is a method that uses hypnosis to re-train your mind by making it believe you’ve undergone a gastric band operation to shrink the size of your stomach to a golf ball. This way, you’re able to significantly decrease your eating portions seamlessly since you will feel full faster. As it shifts your mind to think your stomach is smaller, you’re able to consume smaller amounts of food as well.  

Apart from feeling full faster, Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis also allows you to simply stop eating when you’re done regardless of how much food is left on your plate. Since this change happens largely in the subconscious, it will become an automatic habit for you to only eat smaller portions of food and completely stop when you’re done. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of a gastric band operation without the risks and side-effects of actually going under the knife.  

So what does this exactly mean for you? 

Virtual gastric band hypnosis completely eliminates overeating seamlessly. As a hypnosis program, it will also enrich your motivation for health that further strengthens your innate drive to go beyond simply achieving your weight loss goals. You’ll also feel more in control as you become more aware of your eating habits and be able to leave your plate once you’re done. 

With the use of virtual gastric band hypnosis to fully reshape your mind in changing your relationship with food, you won’t feel restricted or deprived of eating what you like. It’s a long-term solution that makes permanent changes to your eating habits towards a more successful weight loss.   

To learn more about Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis, you can see full details here.  

Even more, it gets better.  

How can I set my mind to lose weight? 

Aligning your mind to your body is an important part of weight loss which, when done right, can create massive differences in energy, motivation and persistence in attaining goals. Even more, using hypnosis to completely take off anything that might be holding you back from reaching your goals can propel you further towards long-lasting lifestyle changes beyond losing weight. 

Some of the most important effects of hypnosis to re-shift your mind towards successful weight loss are the following: 

  • Establish your own support system which constantly prompts you to make the necessary changes strong enough to withstand challenges 
  • Strengthen your confidence by creating positive associations on your abilities and self-efficacy in the process of making the necessary changes 
  • Effectively allow for the clear and vivid visualization of your goals so you can experience the positive emotions that go with achieving them for more motivation 
  • Reinforce that part of the subconscious that wants to make the change to make it stronger 
  • Resolve the doubts and negative selftalk which might be holding you back from making necessary changes  
  • Enrich your understanding with the role of weight in your life in relation to your long-term goals so you can make a stronger, deeper connection with your goals 
  • Re-train your mind to view food as fuel for the body so your relationship with food changes to be able to fully integrate the healthier lifestyle in your daily living without any resistance 
  • Successfully build a stronger foundation from the mind for the stronger foothold of healthy habits towards continuous progress despite challenges 

As an important part of weight loss, turns out is has more to offer when it comes to eating. 

Can hypnosis help with eating? 

With the use of hypnosis, Barabasz and Spiegel (1989) have successfully associated overeating as poison to one’s body among 45 obese women in their study and helped them significantly lose weight. This way, hypnosis greatly shapes eating habits by changing the way you think about food. 

Now here comes the good part. 

By effectively establishing permanent healthy habits revolving around food, hypnosis can seamlessly and greatly improve eating habits. It can eradicate overeating by allowing you to be more sensitive to fullness cues when you are eating and condition your mind to completely stop when you feel full.  

Additionally, hypnosis also resolves habits of using food to appease yourself during times of heightened emotions. It helps you significantly improve the way you process emotions so you don’t need to grab another doughnut when you feel a little down. Through the seamless process of hypnosisyour relationship with food is completely changed as your eating habits are significantly improved as well. 

What I’ve found next shocked me. 

Can hypnotherapy help with motivation? 

Primarily, hypnotherapy can help you immensely increase your motivation since it can directly retrain your mind from the subconscious to be more connected with your goalsThrough this, you can find more desire, drive and energy to achieve them with persistence against challenges. More specifically, hypnosis helps in three ways: 

  1.  Hypnotherapy can help in initiating a behaviour by activating and strengthening that part of your subconscious that wants to make the change. Hypnotherapy then builds your confidence and self-efficacy in achieving your goals you’re able to completely propel yourself further. 
  2. Hypnotherapy helps you continuously pursue a goal despite the challenges ahead. Since you’re more in touch with your goals, you’re able to see past the goals and move forward in making progress. With a stronger connection to your goals, you’ll find yourself having more energy and drive towards achieving them.  
  3. Hypnotherapy also removes any distraction in your mind and allow it to concentrate on achieving your goals. As your mind shifts towards chasing new challenges, you’ll be able to constantly set higher goals that yield long-term results. 

Then it hit me. 

Does hypnosis work for sugar addiction? 

Much like any addiction, hypnosis can shift your mind to completely reject sugar in your life. Hypnosis targets the automatic thought processes that associate sugar as a pleasure point and redirects your mind towards healthier options. With hypnosis, you become more aware of your unhealthy habits revolving around sweet food and drinks 

Hypnosis will re-train your mind to find sugar as unnecessary and unhealthy for your body. As this unhealthy habit is completely flushed, it is replaced by establishing healthier foods as more desirable and needed by your body. Once your mind is all set to steer away from sugar towards healthier food choices, hypnosis then empowers your mind to be in full control so you won’t be tempted in future instances.   

I was soon to find out. 

What can I expect from hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a direct, concise and specific process that starts in effectively establishing your goals and your rapport with the hypnotist. To begin with, you need to be laid down in a comfortable space where you won’t be distracted by any external cues. You will then be inducted into the hypnosis process by allowing you to completely relax through a gentle, soothing voice. 

Think of it this way. 

As you’re able to be properly guided to a trance-like state, you’ll feel your conscious mind will be immensely relaxed that suggestions with visualisations will be easier for you to vividly imagineYour mind is highly aware at this point so you’ll be able to have highly sensory experiences depending on the suggestions. You’ll then receive positive suggestions more effectively such as achieving your goalsresolving past trauma or emotional barriers and completely flushing negative emotions that fuel unhealthy habits. 

After receiving suggestions, you’ll be seamlessly brought back to your conscious state with all the positive emotions and suggestions intact in your subconscious so you’re able to propel yourself further on achieving your goals. Many report a feeling of relief and lightness after their sessions.  

Related Questions 

Do you feel tired after hypnotherapy? 

The experience of hypnosis can vary from person to person but generally, many report feelings of immense calmness and lightness after their sessions. These feelings of immense relaxation might be easily associated with feeling sleepy or tired but no exhaustion due to hypnotherapy has been recorded in history. As a normal response, your mind might want to continue the feeling of relaxation and the pleasure that comes with it so you feel the need to rest. 

How do you stay focused in losing weight?  

Staying focused on weight loss will require a mind that’s free of any distractions. Hypnosis can help take off negative attitudes, emotions and self-talk that’s holding you back from successfully making progress. It also helps in establishing a deeper connection to your goals so you’re all set to have a laser focused mind in losing weight. 



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