Mindful Eating: How To Eat Tim Tams Guilt Free!







Does this sound familiar?  

It’s been a long, chaotic day full of endless errands and setbacks, and for a second, you’ve finally found that one moment at night you get to yourself.  

It’s a rare quiet time you’ve felt like you’ve earned after you’ve done everything you needed to You deserved this—it’s time to just sit, watch the TV and relax.  

Finally, you get to your spot on the couch, flick the TV on and open a pack of Tim Tams to celebrate this moment you’ve finally found for yourself. (for our overseas peeps think of Tim Tams like chocolate-coated Oreos but better, total drool-worthy food)

It was serene in the beginning, like the quiet before the storm

You slide out the tray take out your first Tim Tam and take your first bite.   

It feels like heaven after such a stressful day.  

You sink deeper into this peaceful moment, into the couch, and the show you’ve been watching.   

For a moment, you were able to completely tune out of that day and just simply chill.  

As you sink even deeper into this wonderful harmony, you mindlessly grab another biscuit without even taking your eyes off the screen. 

And then another one.   

And then another…  

Next thing you know, all those sweet treats are gone. You have just devoured a whole lot without even thinking about it!   

You didn’t even notice it until they were all gone? 

Left with nothing but a slight trace of its flavor on your tongue  

As the aftertaste lingers on your tongue, it all starts to dawn on you…  

What have I done?”

It all then start to actually sink in. That heavy, pulling down feeling start to grow in you.  

You start to feel guilty.  

You can’t believe you’ve just finished a whole pack in one sitting!  

You start to feel full and sick, you may even feel disgusted with yourself.  

And then the negative self-talk starts.   

“This is why I’m so fat, I can’t control what I eat.”  

“ I’m so tired of this.”  

“I’m hopeless, why can’t I stop at one?!” 

You tell yourself, ”That’s it, I won’t do this ever again, starting tomorrow I will eat so healthy.. from now on”   

So why does this keep happening?  

Let me explain… 

Are Tim Tams the chocolate coated Devil?

You probably face a lot of distractions every day and may be used to sitting down to meals with a fork in one hand and a phone in the other, completely out of focus to what’s actually in front of you. 

Mealtime is just another ‘thing’ you need to get done on your forever growing list of daily to do’s. You don’t have time to focus solely on your food, and look down at your plate and just enjoy.

But while you may think of multitasking at dinner time harmless, it actually affects your health and contributes to your weight gain in a dangerous unconscious way.   

Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time so your unconscious mind takes care of the rest. So those times when you’re watching Netflix and checking your Facebook feed at the same time, your mind is really only taking in one thing at a time consciously and another unconsciously even though you think you are doing both.  

When you do something else like eating while binging a complete season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, your brain goes into to autopilot mode, your unconscious takes over and bam! Before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole packet of double deluxe triple chocolate Tim Tams.   

It’s happened to all of us.  

Because Mindless eating is just an autopilot unconscious response similar to walking and talking.   

So the next time you wonder what exactly happened to all that food in front of you and how it seemed to disappear all too quickly, it’s your autopilot driving the eating bus.  We are not fully present when eating and so our unconscious does the job for us.  

Your unconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real or what’s not, it doesn’t know past present or future it only knows what you’ve trained it to do!

The Good news is since you‘ve trained your brain respond this way, you can change it and train your own brain to do pretty much anything you want it to, including to automatically stop eating when you’ve had enough or even better not need those devil Tims Tams in the first place… 

You just need to learn how to.  

Read on to find out how!

The Guilt-Free Hack to Eating Tim Tams! 

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Tims Tams is my Devil, but what’s yours?  You can use these hacks on any demonic sweet something in your life.  

1. Make a Conscious effort:

You know what I’m going to say…Eating in front of a screen is a sure-fire way to distract yourself. So ditch that phone or TV and focus on your foodBesides, don’t we spend enough time on screens during the rest the day?  It may also be good to have your mealtime as an opportunity to connect with the family or take a break from constantly keeping up with responsibilities and errands.    

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2. Consciously Feel Eat Bite and Crunch as you go: 

Practise Mindfulness eating! Eating slowly and savouring your food can make you enjoy what you eat and not leave you with that “I want more” feeling.  Slowing down also allows time for your mind and stomach time to talk to each other. You’ll more than likely won’t eat too much because you truly enjoyed your food and felt satisfied. In fact, when I do this with my clients, some feel satisfied HALF way through a ONE Tim Tam, but it all depends on you.  When do you really feel satisfied?  

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3. Consciously listen to your body: 

Pausing before, during, and after your meal to listen to your body is very important in practising mindful eating. By doing so, you’re giving yourself time to savour the food and check in with yourself. This can then help you avoid overeating and help you understand how certain food impacts you. 

By checking in with yourself from time to time, you start to be in tune with your body and avoid mindless overeating. You will realise soon when to stop and when to keep going. You’ll also probably realise how foods impact you, which one leaves bloated, happy, or energised.  

Maybe (heaven forbid) you’ll notice that the treat you’ve always been eating doesn’t make you as happy as you thought… What! who said that! YOU take that back! 




Jodi Clarke

Jodi Clarke

CEO & Founder | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Weight Loss Specialist

Leading the charge is Jodi Clarke, the CEO and Founder of Awaecnan, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in weight loss hypnotherapy in South East Melbourne and the peninsula. Having studied at The Academy of Hypnotic Science, an Australian government-accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training academy, Jodi’s hypnotherapy skills are both effective and award-winning as she supports clients to achieve positive changes in their everyday lives.

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