Perimenopause Symptoms

January 7 – 1:17:57



What do Belly Fat, Weight gain, and hot flush have in common?

Im not sure if you know but I have been ill for 3 yearsAt my worst I was exhausted every day and couldn’t work or get off the couchgained 30 kg, lost my zest for life and felt dead inside. 

No one could tell me what was wrong with me, I went to doctor after doctorI tried naturopathic medicineayurvedic medicine and lots of healthy alternatives, some have been great and I still use them, lots were a waste of time and the little energy I had. 

I spent years researching, reading, watching videostrying everything I could to get better. NOTHING worked!   

From my own research, I discovered I had adrenal fatigue and found some relief with a Keto diet and self-care but the symptoms persisted and I started to feel the decline again. 

I now know that all this time I have been in perimenopause and I am appalled at the lack of information, help or understanding there is for women who like me are suffering every day.   

Its just not talked about and is seen to be this taboo subject.   


Ive since found hundreds and thousands of women just like me suffering in the same way as I am and I’ve now found the relief that comes with finally getting some answers. 

DO NOT want you to go through what I have, no one should suffer without help or support.  

Its one of the reasons why I came back and rebranded to Awaecnan and what keeps me going every week. 

In this episode, on our podcast Secret Women’s Business and our Youtube Channel Awaecnan Interview’s Perimenopause and Menopause expert: Amanda Thebe from FitnChips so you too can get all the answers you’ve been searching for. 

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Jodi Clarke

Jodi Clarke

CEO & Founder | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Weight Loss Specialist | Health Coach

Leading the charge is Jodi Clarke, the CEO and Founder of Awaecnan who is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Having studied at The Academy of Hypnotic Science, an Australian government accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training academy, Jodi’s hypnotherapy skills are both effective and award-winning as she supports clients to achieve positive changes in their everyday lives.

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