The 3 Golden Rules of Mastering Weight Loss.

July 11, 2019 . 5-MINUTE READ



You might have thought of this already, maybe more than once.  

“If only there was simply a better way to lose weight fast without having to keep up with every latest fad diet and workout routine that just keeps on failing every single time.”

There is an easy way! I will get to this shortly…

Do you wake up each morning feeling lethargic and sluggish to the same hectic day over and over again? With all the responsibilities and work, kids, bills, groceries. You could barely get five minutes to yourself, let alone the time and energy to make a special meal and workout.  

Yet you want to lose weight so bad.   

You try so hard to be “good” and follow that new diet plan.  You tell yourself, “This time will be different. 

You got yourself out of the bed and started going to the gym.  

And it really did make you feel great that time. But little by little, you seem to slip off yet again.  You start to miss a healthy meal because you didn’t have time to prep. You start skipping exercise because you were too sore or tired from your day.  

With your busy life all around, it gets more and more challenging every time.  

And then it all starts going down the slippery slope. Before you know it, you’re back yet again to your old habits and resume eating poorly just like you did before.  

You gain back the weight you lost, even two folds this time.  

Cue the disappointed and frustrated feelings along with the negative self-talk.  

I’m just lazy  

Why can’t I stick to this? What’s wrong with me?”  

I wish I could lose weight without exercise”  

I know I should go but why can’t I get out the door, I’m such a failure.”  

I will always be fat, I give up.  

The whole fuss just feels like a pointless mess and it’s starting to feel hopeless.  

You keep blaming yourself but each passing day, you just keep on sinking down the quagmire of laziness and self-doubt. 

You know you have to do it for your health but every workout and diet plan just feels like a drag at this point.  

Why do I keep getting stuck in this pointless, exhausting loop?

Let me tell you why…

When you think about exercising and dieting, what first comes to mind? You may be thinking of sore muscles, out of breath, pushing yourself to exhaustion, or all those delicious foods you’re not supposed to eat.  There are a lot of instant negative thoughts and you’re not alone, most people go straight for the negative around diet and exercise and here lies the problem.

Let me explain further…  

Our brains are built with a greater sensitivity to negativity known as negative bias. This means we’re basically bound to focus more on mistakes, errors, aversive events and other bad things no matter how good other outcomes may have transpired for us 

Our brain instinctual behavior magnifies any sense of danger to keep us alert, safe and out of harm’s way. 

In one study participants were shown various positive, negative and neutral photographs.  Participants spent longer looking at negative photographs than they did looking at positive photographs.  Similarly, participants registered more eye blinks when studying negative words than positive words (blinking rate has been positively linked to cognitive activity.


Since we tend to focus either consciously or unconsciously the soreness and tiredness every time we go to the gym, we validate these feelings more and more with each and every experience. So, these feelings becomes, our belief and what we believe becomes our reality, making workout a highly negative experience and one we instinctively feel urges to avoid.  

As our determination is diminished by these negative thoughts and feelings our performance gets affected. Being not as eager as you were before, you may start to skipping your exercise or even quit it altogether.   

From here on, it just goes downhill.  Your motivation drops, you may even start feeling like anything you do to lose weight is useless.   

Your mind’s association with pain and exercise becomes more and more strengthened and exercise gets labelled as a painful experience by your brain.  

So, what can be done about it?

Heaps actually! For one it’s not real, it’s just a belief system change that needs to happen that my friend, is easier than you think, you just need to know the Golden Rules.

Let me fill you in…

3 Golden rules of Mastering Weight loss. 

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Let’s get straight to it…

1.  Be Your Own Master 

Practise your positive thoughts, words and actions.  Train your brain to associate pleasure with healthy eating and exercise and negative around unhealthy food and say sitting around. Use your brains’ natural way of working to work in your favour.

Remember, your mind doesn’t know what’s real or what’s not so you can tell it anything you want, it doesn’t have to be real you don’t even have to believe it.  So start your mind mantras today and watch the magic happen.  

2. Create the Best Conditions That You Can Actually Thrive In: 

I couldn’t go on about planning enough! Set yourself up to win, it might be a little different for each of us but there’s always a pattern to human behaviour. One technique you can rely on is plan to organise, organising that plan and then working that plan! 

Plan to incorporate new healthy habits into your day, make them easy to achieve and stick to. If you make your routine and healthy diet so integrated into your life that it’s just so seamless and easy to do, you’re simply going to do it more often.   

It may be challenging at first but just know that you can train your brain quicker than you think, automatic behaviours usually start forming at one week and can stick as early as 3 weeks.  

Isn’t that just so simple? 

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3. Purpose with a kick. 

 Strengthen your motivation with your imagination and using this one powerful psychological technique called the law of concentrated attention.  Basically, it means that if there is something in life that you really want then behave as if you already have it, then you are very likely to actually get it!  

Again, the brain doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not, it only knows what you tell it. That means you’re can actually create your very own reality every day through your focus, beliefs and thoughts.  

Use this technique on say weight loss and your brain will simply follow through towards achieving this size and shape for your body. It will start to behave as though you’ve reached that goal and voila, you’ve just retrained your mind to stick to this path and you just hacked your own belief system towards being more positive and loving life! 

The mind can really do some pretty amazing stuff, so if you start moving the beliefs in your favour then everything around you will just start to shift. 

Pretty awesome, eh?

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Tell me about you

Have you been trying to push yourself to exercise and eat healthy? What part of the article resonates with you the most?   

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