Confidence Hypnotherapy

May 19 – 43:41 minute Session

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Do you struggle with confidence? Body love? Self-worth or self Love? Then this Confidence Hypnotherapy, Body Love, Self Worth Hypnosis, Self Love Hypnosis session is made for you.

Are you ready to fall in love with you and your body?

Confidence hypnotherapy… can help you find self-love and

help you feel like you really, really like yourself.


Hypnosis self-esteem can help you find and build on all the things that are great about you and focus the mind on your positives and celebrating your differences to others.

Hypnosis for self-worth helps you value you, who you are as a person NOT how you look on the outside. You are more than what you look like or what package you come in.

I have included Self-worth affirmations in this hypnosis session. self-love affirmations sleep help train the brain while your sleeping to build in positive thoughts of yourself motivating you to feel amazing and happy about who you are.

This session has some self-love meditation elements combined with hypnosis for self-worth, self-confidence hypnotherapy, confidence hypnosis, hypnosis for self-esteem delivered through storytelling to limit the friction or self-sabotage that may come with a direct suggestion.

Keep in mind all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so if you want to know how to gain self-confidence then your mind already know that it want this positive body image hypnosis, body love meditation – sleep hypnosis for confidence

Come and join us on your Favorite Social Platform.

Why not give it a try, see if hypnosis is right for you, its FREE and you can cancel anytime no questions asked

Hypnotherapy is not recommended for those with epilepsy or schizophrenia Always consult your doctor before embarking on any lifestyle change.

Jodi Clarke

Jodi Clarke

CEO & Founder | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Weight Loss Specialist | Health Coach

Leading the charge is Jodi Clarke, the CEO and Founder of Awaecnan who is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Having studied at The Academy of Hypnotic Science, an Australian government accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training academy, Jodi’s hypnotherapy skills are both effective and award-winning as she supports clients to achieve positive changes in their everyday lives.

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